Fresh Water & Tidal Fishing

One of the latest additions to Top Notch Wilderness Pro is a variety of marine data. This includes Tidal Fishing Management Areasrockfish conservation areas, and marine vegetation.  To complement this I have included links to some free and paid online resources to help the recreational user. I like to use a combination of several tools when I am planning an excursion:

  1. Wilderness Pro for access planning, geolocation, knowing what management area I am in, scouting out kelp forests/eelgrass, and avoiding rockfish conservation areas.
  2. DFO website for official recreational tidal fishing limits, openings and species closures.
  3. i-Boating at home for charts and depths.
  4. Navionics in the field for charts and depths.
  5. Biotoxin and Sanitary Contamination Closures Web Map for Shellfish Harvesting.
  6. Ted Harty's Freediving Safety Course
  7. Ted Harty's Spearfishing Checklist
  8. PNW Samson's Youtube Channel