Frequently Asked Questions

Q:What is different about TNN maps?

A: TNN combines all it's map data from various sources from federal, provincial, and local government databases. All of which are updated regularly. It's been designed and styled to provide the end user with a unique and practical navigation experience. The maps not only include thousands of points of interest, but additional information used in the natural resource industry to help users make educated decisions while navigating the back country and analyzing the geography. You can check out a more detailed breakdown of what is included with Top Notch Offroading, and Top Notch Wilderness Pro.

Q:Is there a How-To for installing TNN?

A: All maps come with instruction documents, for each compatible app, to help import your map packages to your device. You can also check out Top Notch Navigators demo videos on Youtube to see the maps imported in real time.

Q: Does TNN work Offline?

A: Top Notch Navigator products are not web based maps, so they do not require a data connection to load when you are out of service. Just import the areas you need, or store them on your device to import them later. We've got you covered.

Q: How big are the map files?

A: Top Notch Navigator maps range between 500mb and 4GB depending on the size of the region. You can download all 8 regions at once, or you can just use the ones you need and transfer the others as needed.

Q: What apps are compatible with Top Notch Navigator? Which is the best?

A: All of the apps shown below are compatible with TNN maps. Each of which have their individual strengths and weaknesses, from price point to utility. There is a mix of free and paid options, and I always say that no one source can be considered the "best". It usually comes down to needs and preferences, which is why TNN aims to support as many apps as possible. All of the apps below have offline caching abilities for web maps and have the ability to record tracks and waypoints, these are the bare fundamentals of any navigation app. The rest is up to you!

Gaia GPS

Gaia GPS is available for Android and iOS. It has a user friendly interface and has access to a large catalogue of web maps and local data. Gaia requires a Premium Membership in order to use 3rd party content like Top Notch Navigator, but you can check out the interface for free on the Play Store or on the App Store. While Gaia comes in at the highest price with it's subscription, it has set the bar by being one of the first 3rd party navigation apps supported on Android Auto and Apple Car Play. It is the most commonly used app by TNN users, and has a large development team and support staff.

Locus Maps

Locus is well suited to beginners but also has enormous potential for advanced users. It is highly customizable, and has so many tools at your disposal we recommend giving the user manual a chance to save yourself some time. Locus Map 4 can be installed for free and use TNN overlays, but for a single purchase of $10.99, Locus Map Pro is easily worth a few cups of coffee. However, the developers of Locus are very adamant about their roots in hiking and cycling, so there does not appear to be Android Auto integration any time soon.


OsmAnd is available for Android and iOS, and can utilize 3rd party layers like TNN without a purchase/subscription from the app store. The free version is restricted with limited downloads for other online map sources. OsmAnd+ unlocks unlimited maps, hillshades, slopes and more frequent updates for certain map features through OSMAnd Live. The only thing OsmAnd needs is to finally be adopted into the world of Android Auto. Many of it's advocates prefer it's offline navigation and routing abilities when compared to other apps.

Backcountry Navigator Pro

This one is a classic. Currently it is only available for Android for $14.99 but Backcountry Navigator XE will be available for iOS as well. It's most notable function that stands out from the rest in my opinion is its integration with APRS, so it can call in location beacons from other HAM radio users. If you're into that sort of thing. 

Canada Topo Maps

Available for Android only for $13.99 from the Play Store. This one is simple and straight forward, but TNN users must use the Pro version of the app in order to import 3rd party content.


Oruxmaps is very similar to Locus, loaded with tools and features suitable for beginners or more advanced users that prefer to have a bit more control. It is Android only and is a modest $4.49 from the Play Store

Guru Maps

Guru maps is known for its fast processing and loading very large KML/GPX files where other apps perform slower or crash. It is also avaiable for Android or iOS. This one also is loaded with features, and the app now has enabled 3rd party overlays like Top Notch Navigator to be imported using  the free version of the app. It also comes with options to pay monthly or even annually rather than paying the full price all at once if you decide to upgrade to the full version. One of my favorite small features with this app is the ability to measure the distance between two fingers on your screen rather than press/hold or tapping multiple times.