Welcome to Top Notch Navigator

The ultimate tool for any BC outdoor enthusiast. Top Notch Navigator is a series of offline map files you can use to replace the default content in other popular navigation apps. These fully custom topographic maps include a stack of layers chosen to enhance your offline navigation experience. Turnkey offline ready files that use GPS tracking on your phone or tablet via the popular apps Gaia GPS, Locus Maps, Canada Topo Maps, OsmAnd, and many others. No cell service? No data? No problem. 

Top Notch Navigator maps are a one time purchase, no subscription. Existing users that bought the full province receive discount codes for updates to future versions of the maps, which occur every spring and fall. 


Where the Real World and the Digital World Collide

For a level of detail designed for boots on the ground, accept no substitute. 

Pick between Top Notch Offroading Maps or Wilderness Pro

Different strokes for different folks. Top Notch Offroading is perfect for camping, exploring, and of course offroading. If you want to take it a step further; Wilderness Pro is geared towards hunters, foragers, nature photographers, and field naturalists.

Offroading - Region 2: Mainland Coast


Offroading - Full BC Coverage


Offroading - Region 1: Vancouver Island


Offroading - Region 3: Thompson-Nicola


Offroading - Region 4: Kootenays


Offroading - Region 6: Skeena


Offroading - Region 8: Okanagan


Offroading: Region 7 - Peace-Omineca


Wilderness Pro

This package has all the same features as the Offroading maps, but with additional wildlife, forestry, and ecology layers.  If you are looking to do extra analysis or e-scouting, Wilderness Pro stands alone.

Wilderness Pro - Full BC Coverage


Wilderness Pro - Region 2: Mainland Coast


Wilderness Pro - Region 3: Thompson-Nicola


Wilderness Pro - Region 4: Kootenays


Wilderness Pro - Region 6: Skeena


Wilderness Pro - Region 7: Peace-Omineca


Wilderness Pro - Region 8: Okanagan


Keeping You on the Map.

Other map services require you to cache your data prior to losing your data signal. Top Notch Navigator isn't a web based platform so you're always covered when you are offline,  an essential for backcountry navigation.

No more guessing.

Top Notch Navigator combines all its data from various federal, provincial, and local government databases. All of which are updated regularly and applied with each map revision, giving you the tools you need for navigating the backcountry. 

If you have a favorite, why change it?

 Everybody has a preference, and each app has it's own strengths and weaknesses. TNN maps are compatible with many popular navigation apps, so you can keep exploring your way.